Daily Dozen to De-stress


You know the feelings: overwhelmed, tired, irritable, distracted, worried. Stress mobilizes the fight/fight or freeze system and leaves you feeling out of control in these times of excessive uncertainty and lack of control. The body mind system has no chance to rest and recover in situations where daily news is catastrophic, threatening, confusing and constant.

You’re not alone in experiencing these feelings. We all feel unsure and vulnerable with the current health and social uncertainties. In order to rebalance and restrengthen the body mind system, commit to a few strategies to de-stress throughout the day. Your body will thank you for it.

*Choose your priorities with care. Underwhelm yourself.

*Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.

*Boost your morale daily. Acknowledge what you accomplish.

*Rethink errors as opportunities or inconveniences.

*Accept yourself as you are. Replace shoulds with coulds.

*Parent yourself with care: sleep, food, play, movement.

*Say no when it counts to the negative and harmful news.

*Start your day with a supportive routine…breathe.

*Problem solve don’t panic. Write it down. Simplify.

*Find perfect imperfection in daily life.

*Take pleasure breaks for your senses. Immerse yourself.

*Allow, accept and release feelings daily.

Choose one a day to support yourself during this pandemic. Be kind and patient with yourself and your responses. People with lower stress levels in their body perceive less stress. Calm the body mind and reap the benefits.